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Technology is a Powerful Tool in Language Education

Written by Lauren Blake

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This week Student Language Ambassador, Kristína Matovičová, tells us her language learning journey. She goes into detail about how technology and Erasmus+ courses can help your students improve.

Well, not everybody has the luxury of speaking 5 languages but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it big one day. How many times have you heard the popular phrase “quality over quantity”? It’s been played extensively on repeat, yet I could not agree with the statement more. Throughout my life, I have successfully survived with learning only one international language- English. My language learning journey started at primary school when I enrolled in the afternoon English class with other language fanatics where I studied English on-and-off for over 8 years. I’ve always known the power languages give to people but back then I had no clue how much it can change one’s life forever.

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As time went on and I became more confident, I began regularly attending Erasmus+ training courses and exchange programs where the main language in the intercultural communication was English. These programs are a great way to get into the international environment, network and improve your language skills. By participating, you can learn more about various teaching methods, technology, environmentalism or entrepreneurship. The list goes on and you can choose which topics suit your interests best. It was on these training programs where, by putting myself out there, I came to appreciate other cultures and languages, improved my presentation skills, as well as becoming confident when communicating in a foreign language.

After that, during my university studies in England, I pursued studying Spanish online. I have never had the opportunity to meet my tutor as he lives in Peru. However, that has not been an issue at all. Technology is a powerful tool which can help people to learn and reach their full potential. It was thanks to languages that I had the opportunity to gain experience working in parts of the world like America, Iceland and Colombia. Thus, I can confidently proclaim that learning a language is one of the best decisions that you can ever make in your life.

Do not wait any longer. The world is waiting for you!

By Kristína Matovičová- Student Language Ambassador

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