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Sanako Language Ambassadors Peru

Written by Benedetta Giuliani

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Sanako, A Finnish Educational Tech Company, launched in July 2020 the corporate responsibility program Language Ambassadors with a mission to help at least 1 million new people to acquire second language skills.

The Language Ambassadors program has already reached out to several teachers in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, providing them with a one year-long free trial period of Reactored, a powerful language teaching platform for 16 languages.

We are now ready to continue our mission to increase language learning opportunities in another developing country, Peru.

Why Peru

Like neighboring Ecuador, Peru is a megadiverse country, which means it has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. It has a history as rich and complex as the Inca civilization that found its cradle in Peru before developing into the largest pre-Columbian empire of the American continent.

To date, Peru is a country with a developing economy which, particularly between 2002 and 2013, has recorded positive growth rates with associated poverty reduction.

However, Peru still has significant room for growth and improvement especially in the field of education.

In recent years, Peruvian institutions have launched initiatives to strengthen the education system, with the support of international organizations such as the World Bank.

A key component of Peru’s educational development program concerns foreign language teaching, a sector that national institutions consider necessary to strengthen.

In fact, in 2014 a national policy was approved to increase the teaching of foreign languages, and especially to enhance English proficiency. The quite ambitious goal was to make Peru a bilingual country by 2021.

However, this policy has come up against some structural weaknesses in the Peruvian education system.

For instance, in 2017 the country had lost 10 positions in the English Proficiency Index. This indicates that there are still significant gaps to close in order to provide a quality second language education on a nation-wide basis.

By launching the Language Ambassadors Sanako program, Sanako aims to offer a service to the community of language educators and teachers in Peru, providing them with an extra tool to continue their work effectively.

About Sanako and the Language Ambassadors Program

Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company helping people to teach and learn languages. We are the global leader in developing teacher-led language teaching software and language labs for the educational sector.

We have worked closely with our customers for over 50 years towards a single goal: to enable more freedom and power for individuals and organizations by improving their language skills.

The goals of the Language Ambassadors Program. Credits to the author.

The Language Ambassadors program, run by students and young professionals, aims to be an empowerment tool for teachers in developing countries so that they can be fully supported in their educational work.

If you are interested to know more or join the program as a language teacher from the eligible countries, send us a message and we will help you further.

Are you a language teacher dedicated to inspiring others? Check out the rest of the Language Ambassadors Blog!

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