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Reactored Top 5 Features

Written by Benedetta Giuliani

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Sanako’s watchwords are quality of learning and effectiveness of teaching. And Reactored is a language teaching/learning solution that turns these concepts into reality.

Reactored is a digital language learning platform for 16 different languages. In fact, it is one of the main products through which Sanako supports remote/online language learning in a perspective that combines pedagogical accuracy and technological innovation.

The educational aims that inspired the development of Reactored have always been quite clear: to allow everyone to benefit from the unique features of the Finnish education system.

Reactored, founded in 2015, was developed by an ambitious team of Finnish specialists ranging from cognitive science enthusiasts to foreign language teachers. Its goal is simple and yet challenging: equal opportunities for all to learn any language wherever you are regardless of your learning style. This goal is based on the belief that there are no hopeless language learners, there are different language learners.

Getting curious? Read on to discover the top five features of Reactored.

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Optimization of the best part of digitalization

This is probably the characteristic that best distinguishes Reactored, making it a unique product. The platform uses digitisation processes to improve the overall learning experience. In terms of the benefits for teachers, Reactored is designed to make their work easier and more effective. An AI-powered task generator assists them in creating unique lessons in minutes.

Multi-channel approach to language learning

Not all people learn in the same way. Some prefer using pictures, infographics and images to support the understanding and memorization of concepts. Others need the help of written words and speeches, while some other people learn through their bodies and sense of touch.

Being aware of all that, Reactored uses all communication and learning channels. In other words, listening, writing, speaking are combined with visual images. In this way all students get the same support, regardless of their learning style.

The best part is that it is easy to use and versatile. I use the application in language teaching to create and share my own exercises. Pupils have liked it since everyone can practice at their own levels thanks to the adjustable learning style feature – Emilia Hurme, Language teacher, Reactored customer testimonial

Personalized learning

This brings us to the other great feature of Reactored, which is the ability for students to adapt the platform’s functionality to their individual learning style.

In other words, learners can choose the learning mode most suitable to their needs and proceed at their own pace.

In developing Reactored we have recognized that students have different preferences when it comes to acquiring new information. Thus, Reactored will suit everyone’s needs

The principle of personalization is based on the assumption, now consolidated in pedagogy, that it is possible to improve learning by structuring it in a way that best enhances the students’ learning style.

With Reactored, students can learn languages with an emphasis on their own strengths. The learning style is adjustable in terms of textuality and visuality. This selection affects how much weight is given to visual/puzzle based tasks or to textual tasks inside the assignments.

Credits to the author.

Personalized teaching

Teachers also have the ability to adapt or create content. The platform provides teachers with autogenerated lessons from any piece of textual content, a vocabulary list or a list of phrases, plus over 1,5 million images they can use to add visual aspects to the study sets.

Teachers can either take advantage of this ready-made content or build their course from scratch, for instance by uploading their own audio to bring out the unique character of one’s teaching style and method.

Time optimization

This feature, though helping teachers in the first place, has a positive impact on students as well. The platform provides evaluation tools that support formative assessment. In doing so, teachers are able to use these assessment tools to provide students with immediate feedback.

Consequently, it is possible to use the time taken away from assessment to help the students who need further support and explanations.

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