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Peru’s Most Impactful Language Teachers

Written by Alina Graur

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In these unprecedented times, we would like to celebrate the hard work of teachers. Most of them had to adapt their style by teaching online because of the pandemic. Today we would like to acknowledge these influential teachers from Peru who are trying to make an impact in their country.

Impactful Language Teachers: Who are they?

The language teachers on this list have a number of outstanding qualities, but first and foremost they share passion and commitment toward their students and profession. In addition, they all have in common:

  • A dedication to improve the educational and/or professional opportunities of their students via language teaching
  • The will to support the language teacher community by sharing resources and knowledge
  • The use of innovative teaching styles and techniques
  • The ability to actively use social media channels to support language acquisition
  • The capacity to create free, high quality resources to support language acquisition

Rianna Golez

Miss Rianna Golez teaches at a private institution in Peru. Her main motivation to teach is seeing her students succeed.

She says that: “I know that learning a language will open doors to opportunities. As much as I can, I want to be one of the people who help the students by inspiring them, motivating them, and prepare them”.

She engages her students with interactive videos and games and by making them speak in class.

Miss Riana acknowledges the difficulties both students and aspiring teachers face in Peru which include time availability and financial resources.

Sergio Jesus

Mr Sergio Jesus is a teacher in a public school. He has a true vocation for teaching and has applied different strategies in order to teach effectively. Actively and persistently he is trying daily to make a difference in his students’ lives. He has encountered a few obstacles in his country which are the lack of courses and seminars.

Dayana Villanueva Rosales

Miss Dayana Villanueva Rosales is a teacher in Peru. Pursuing the great work of language teachers that she once had, her goal is to make her students confident in a foreign language and to learn a different culture through it.

Miss Dayana wants the best for her students and is always seeking new ways, whether digital of physical resources to make her students acquire a new language. She wants them to learn in a fun and dynamic way.

Cristhian Ortiz Elizarbe

Mr Cristhian Ortiz Elizarbe is the CEO & Founder at Learn and Share English, a social project aimed at teaching English in Peru. More than 100 professionals and students (including himself) teach English for free to children and teenagers. Because everyone has the right to a quality education! He started this project because he believes that the English language should be easily accessible to all and because he feels the need to do something good for our society. For their social project they use the model of Flipped with a focus on synchronous and asynchronous learning. Classes are thought twice a week and follow European standards. Students’ progress is constantly checked and verified.

Mr Cristhian thinks that English is essential for the competitive development of a nation. Unfortunately, in Peru access to English may be limited due to different reasons such as the financial situation. The project wants to overcome this and teach English in an innovative way in order to help professionally and personally the future citizens of tomorrow.

Jackeline García Ramírez

Miss Jackeline García Ramírez is a teacher in a private school in Peru. She loves to teach because this way she can also learn more herself. She is using different strategies to teach effectively and believes that a foreign language helps the professional development of her students.

Carmela Gamarra

Miss Carmela Gamarra is a teacher in a private school in Peru. What motivates her to teach languages is her passion to share her knowledge with others and prepare her students for their future career. In these years she has sought different ways to improve her style of teaching. Her proactivity is helping her students learn more effectively. She also finds different ways to motivate her students and is very attentive at their needs and their progress.

This list is still a work in progress! If you know someone who deserves a spot on our list of Peru’s most impactful language teachers, let us know by contacting

Don’t forget to celebrate these language teachers’ efforts by sharing their stories on social networks!

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