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Mexico’s Most Impactful Language Teachers

Written by Lauren Blake

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In this list you will find a unique selection of Mexico’s most impactful language teachers who are committed to promoting social change through language teaching and positively impacting their communities. 

These teachers were selected by fulfilling one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Passion and commitment toward their students and profession;
  • Dedication to improving the educational and/or professional opportunities of their students via language teaching; 
  • Support of the language teacher community by sharing resources and knowledge;
  • Commitment to delivering positive social change within their community;
  • Use of innovative teaching styles and techniques;
  • Active use of social media channels to support language acquisition; 
  • Creation of free, high quality resources to support language acquisition.

This list was created to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these teachers. They deserve to be put in the spotlight! 

Alberto Carranza

ESL teacher and founder of Yes en Ingles, Alberto whole-heartedly believes that the knowledge and tools for learning a language should be accessible to all. With this ethos behind him, Alberto has created a Youtube channel and lots of ESL resources, including three full language courses, which are all free to download on his website. He breaks English down to its basics to provide his readers with a solid foundation of knowledge which they can use to thrive in English language learning.

Guillermo Cruz

Guillermo teaches English to approximately 500 students across both a university and a vocational training institute. He has been teaching at all different levels for 13 years and works tirelessly to improve his students’ educational and professional horizons by providing vital communication tools. On top of this, he is currently training other English teachers to help them improve their digital skills and incorporate technology into their practices.

Guillermo is joining Sanako’s Language Ambassador program in which he will receive a free licence for Sanako’s language teaching solutions to further his incredible work.

Norma Susana Fuentes Galván

Teaching students across stages K2 and K3, Norma Susana believes the Mexican education system limits her students’ educational opportunity. However, she is determined to change this. Norma is continuously looking to incorporate innovative teaching methods, such as movies, music and new digital platforms, in order to make learning the English language interesting and engaging. All Norma wants is to create a varied and exciting curriculum for her students to optimise their learning experiences.

Francisco Mendez Valle

Teaching English to around 80 students, Francisco loves English because it allows him and his students to connect with people from all around the world. He works endlessly to develop the communication skills of his young students in a way which is fun and interesting (through the use of songs and computer technology, for example). He is also very proud of the great levels of satisfaction he receives from their parents. Despite lacking traditional teacher training, Francisco is able to deliver high quality lessons which keep his students engaged and entertained and aims to heighten his teaching methods by joining our Language Ambassador program.

Mark Robert Alexander

Language coach and founder of and, Mark is passionate about helping people improve their Spanish and English skills so that they can grow personally and professionally. He is super active on Twitter; he posts tips and mini quizzes every day on his separate Spanish and English accounts which are a really helpful way to keep up your language practice.

Ruth Priscila Suarez Reyes

Ruth Priscila works incredibly hard teaching English to approximately 200 students in a public school because she knows her work will bring them more professional opportunities. Priscila always aims to act as a role model to her students by being an example of solidarity, honesty, tolerance, empathy, gratefulness and collaboration. It is clear that her commendable teaching methods are principally value-driven.

Marylou Murray

Primarily teaching English to her neighbours in Puerto Vallarta, Canadian Marylou is dedicated to bringing her native English skills to the people in her local community. She is also active across her three Twitter platforms by sharing resources and helpful advice to support both English students and teachers.

Vladislav Iskov

As a European expat, Vladislav impacts his students by teaching cultural differences alongside language. He usually enjoys a more regimented approach toward language teaching; he explains that, apart from his passion and students, the intricacies of grammar also motivate him to teach. However, like many, Vladislav has had to think creatively about his lessons now that he has moved to online teaching. This determination to adapt has allowed him to continue teaching over the last months.

Miguel Angel Cervantes Palacios

Miguel teaches English privately in a rural area of Mexico. He is driven by his passion for teaching languages and seeing his students acquire their linguistic abilities step by step. Due to a lack of investment from educational authorities, Miguel has had to cleverly diversify his teaching methods by using any resources his school and pupils have available with maximum efficacy and efficiency.

Nallely Becerril Nieto

Nallely teaches languages because of the power of intercultural exchanges; she knows that languages are the essential means by which you can have contact with people from all around the world. Knowing that interaction and participation are essential for success within the classroom, Nallely positively impacts the lives of her students by constantly motivating them to continue their studies and by actively searching for and applying new teaching strategies to best fit their needs.

Yolanda Garcia

Miss Yolanda Garcia teaches English at a private institution in Mexico. What motivates her to teach languages is the following:

“To help people to express themselves to more people and be able to listen and learn from more people. Every language is a new world, most of the conflicts are generated by a lack of effective communication. If we want a peaceful world we must learn and teach to speak and listen to EVERYONE. English has become a worldwide language”.

She is a dedicated and passionate teacher who is daily making an impact in many students’ lives. At the question of what she has done so far to make her language teaching effective she said:

“I try to make it personal. When my students are very young, I make props for specific words or concepts. When I work with adults, I set the lesson around daily situations. I have found that most toddlers are visual learners (among other learning styles). In the last 2 years, I have drawn countless words and expressions using myself as a cartoon. I have “cartoonized” myself to teach grammar without using conventional methods and confusing concepts (can, like, want). “The caricature teacher” has shown to be highly effective when students unknow the alphabet or when they are starting to write and read”.

Miss Yolanda feels accomplished when her students actively come to class early or stay extra time to practice. She loves seeing them find a different version of themselves when speaking another language. English, she admits, empowers people and increases their self-esteem.

Concerning the obstacles that she faces in her country, she mentions that having limited time and 40 students per class are not ideal for their learning. TOEFL is also one of the most accepted English exams. Miss Yolanda thinks it is not enough to determine someone’s English ability to teach. Things such as phonics, rhythm, and intonation are also to be taken into account.

Pablo Eder Alberto Valerio Ramírez

Mr Pablo Eder Alberto Valerio Ramírez teaches English at a public university in Mexico. His main motivation is the following:

“The English language gives the opportunity to get a better job around the world”.

Mr Pablo mainly focuses in developping his students’ speaking abilities because from his experience, this is key to make students more confident in a foreign language. His students are very enthusiastic when he teaches and always want to learn more!

One of the obstacles in his country is the limited importance a few high school teachers place on effectively teaching this foreign language.

Ian Bagwell
Credit: Ian Bagwell

Mr Ian Bagwell teaches advanced English at a private institution in Mexico. He says that he is using different methods to engage students. However, as far as he is concerned, teaching literature, focusing on reading comprehension and speaking has proved to be very effective. He adds that:

“I have worked hard to try and make reading and the enjoyment of written works a part of their lives. From Stories, to poetry and plays accessible for them to enjoy. My students have had opportunities to read many novels that stimulated more than just their eyes”.

Cynthia Lopez

Miss Cynthia Lopez teaches at a private university in Mexico City. For her “helping others to have a key to the world by being able to communicate with other language speakers and that way connect with other cultures” is what motivates her. Through her own personal approach students feel empowered as individuals who can contribute to the wider society and communicate with people who speak another language or have another background. In facts, she told us “I show them languages are tools to grow as a person because it helps you create a bridge with others that don’t speak Spanish and have a different culture”.

In terms of the obstacles she faces in her country, she mentions that in several schools across the country, there are very few hours dedicated to learning English.

If you know someone who deserves a spot on our list of Mexico’s most impactful language teachers, let us know by contacting

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