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Learning a new language opens up a new world!

Written by Lauren Blake

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As Sanako Language Ambassadors, we know that languages can change the world. We believe knowledge of other languages is one of the most important tools in facilitating a tolerant and inclusive global society in which everyone can thrive.  

This is why we have come together in this video to let you know why we study languages and the opportunities that this has brought us. We want to inspire students to maintain their language practice and fulfil their potential as citizens of the world. 

Share this video with your students and inspire them to take advantage of your valuable lessons!

Transcript of Video: 

Oscar: Hello, I am Oscar Garnica and I come from Colombia. 

Clara: Hi, I’m Clara and I am a multilingual. 

Sami: My name is Sami Jones. I am bilingual and I come from Finland. 

How many languages do you know?

Lauren: I’m definitely not fluent in them all, but three I suppose. 

Daniel: I know two languages and I am learning three other languages. 

Oscar: I am a native Spanish speaker. I also speak English, German and French. 

Why learn another language?

Stavroula: You have to think, act and do at the same time and it is amazing how many emotions and new information you can get from looking at this other person who is speaking the sign language. 

Lauren: I really enjoyed learning about the language and the culture and so I decided to continue my studies when I got to university. 

Dan: Then it became something else as I started meeting foreign people and I wanted to communicate with them and, so, that became a big motivation for me to learn other languages. 

Lauren: I just think it is really important to learn about people outside of your culture and your society and how to interact with them as well. 

Have you had the chance to use these languages?

Sylvia: After I learned Swedish I found that not only in the school office but everywhere, even in the supermarket, you get more practice and that makes me feel better. 

Sami: So I was extra motivated to learn it to make my life easier, to know which part of chicken to actually buy in the local supermarkets and knowing what to order at the cafes and restaurants. 

Lauren: I have lived, worked and studied in Spain and Italy over the past few years and it has been really incredible being able to interact with locals and delve into the culture a little more than I would be able to if I didn’t have a knowledge of the language. 

Any advice for people learning a new language?

Clara: Before you know it, you will end up in a different country in a conversation with a native speaker and that is just the most rewarding part of it all. 

Sami: Always keep in mind the opportunities it might give you in the present and in the future. Practice makes perfect. 

Oscar: I think you should not be afraid of making a mistake. 

Clara: Keep on studying and only the sky is your limit. 

Edited by: Daniel Quental 

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