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Learn and Share English: A young professional is changing English language education in Latin America

Written by Alina Graur

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Mr Cristhian Ortiz Elizarbe is the CEO & Founder at Learn and Share English, a social project aimed at teaching English in Peru and other countries in South America. The service is free for children and teenagers and the teachers are made of professionals and students who volunteer in order to create a positive impact in their society. At Sanako, we value and share success stories so we decided to interview Mr Cristhian himself. We would like to thank him for his time and hope that his work will inspire others.

What is the impact of Learn and Share English? Which methodology do you use?

I would like to highlight the positive impact that Learn and Share English (LASE) generates in our society through educational opportunities created for children and adolescents. LASE has more than 100 volunteers who are teachers, professionals and students that join in every day to teach English in their own virtual classrooms. Our innovative teaching methodology is the Flipped Classroom. Students learn the material on their own first through our Youtube and Instagram posts, and then come to learn how to use the new words and expressions in real life. We are also encouraging the parents to learn the pre-class materials with our students. This contributes to creating a learner-friendly environment in their homes.

What motivated you to start the company?

Education is a key axis for the development of a fairer society with better opportunities for all. Here in Peru and many Latin American countries, knowing the English language offers you possibilities for growth on professional and personal levels. However, access to learning is limited due to economic reasons, ineffective learning methodologies, and lack of personal motivation among others.

Learn and Share English was born with the purpose of making English accessible for everyone.  Currently, we are focused on providing educational opportunities to children and adolescents in Peru and Latin America. We believe this will transform the lives of these students.

How many children and teenagers have benefited from this service?

Currently, we have impacted more than 900 children and adolescents in Peru and sixteen countries in the region.

Do you have any testimonials from the students?

Sharon, 15 years old: I feel very comfortable being a LASE student. I am very grateful for each of the learnings. I know that the English language will help me in my future and that we can also share it with someone else.

Has any of your students had an amazing career because of the service you gave?

Currently, the program is too young to measure the outcomes of the students’ careers. However, we are measuring learning goal metrics on an ongoing basis. We identify opportunities to improve the way we teach with continuous feedback for teachers. We firmly believe in the development of teachers’ digital skills and we provide them with technical support during classes. I think it’s fair to say even at this early stage of LASE, that we are also impacting the careers of our volunteer teachers by equipping them with skills to become even more effective teachers in this virtual era.

What are the future plans of the company?

Our goal is to impact more than 10,000 children by 2021 through the digital platform utilizing synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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