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Language Ambassador Program Webinar

Written by Lauren Blake

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Calling all language teachers in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador! Join our webinar, discover our Language Ambassador Program and get a licence for our Reactored software for free for a year.

Wednesday September 30th 2020 – 10:00 (CDT) – 30 minutes – FREE to join

Join the webinar via this link.

About the Webinar

Discover how Sanako, A Finnish Education Tech company, enhances language teaching efficiency with modern language teaching software solutions. Join the webinar, learn how to use our digital language teaching platform called Reactored in your language teaching, and get a 1 year free license to use Reactored in your school or university as a part of our Language Ambassadors Program. The program and webinar is currently open only for language teachers located in Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.


In this 30 min long webinar, we will summarise Sanako’s digital language teaching platform available for language teachers as a part of the Language Teacher Ambassadors program. Firstly, we will introduce what is the aim of the Sanako Language Ambassadors project, who is it for, and why it is beneficial for language teachers to start using Reactored. Finally, we will tell you the next steps how language teachers in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador can join the program Free of charge. In conclusion, we will also clarify all potentially unanswered questions you might have about the program.

About the Sanako Corporation

Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company that has over 50 years of experience from providing language teaching solutions for language teachers. Our solutions are based upon globally recognised Finnish pedagogical models. Sanako operates in over 110 countries and has delivered solutions to over 50,000 classrooms. We believe that learning a new language enriches lives and drives social and educational inclusivity forward.

Text by Kristína Matovičová- Student Language Ambassador

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