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European Day of Languages

Written by Benedetta Giuliani

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The 26th September of each year Europe celebrates the European Day of Languages. The first celebration of the event dates back to 2001 and was organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Why a European Day of Languages?

According to the Council of Europe, the purposes of this day are:

  1. Informing European citizens about the importance of language learning and to broaden the range of languages studied, in order to spread multilingualism and intercultural dialogue.
  2. Promoting and protect European linguistic diversity.
  3. Encouraging the study of languages in a life-long learning perspective.

The European Union itself has included language learning within the framework of the key competences for lifelong learning. 

In fact, the European Council Recommendation of 22 May 2018 states the need to support the development of key competences, with particular attention, among other things, to:

Increasing the level of language competences in both official and other languages and supporting learners to learn different languages relevant to their working and living situation and that may contribute to cross-border communication and mobility. 

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How Sanako supports language education

Sanako’s mission is to help social and individual development through language learning.

We strongly believe that being able to speak, operate and find information in other languages than just one’s native language opens up a totally new world to individuals. 

Since 1961 we have studied and developed language labs and language teaching softwares, combining a pedagogical approach with innovative technology. 

Sanako offers products such as Connect and Reactored that enable efficient ways to organise language classrooms, helping teachers to manage the classroom and students to experience engaging learning methods. 

Our approach is based on the high standards of Finnish educational practices, but we want the whole world to benefit from them, even outside of Finland and Europe. 

This is why we have launched the Language Ambassador program. The program is committed to providing language teachers from developing countries (such as Mexico, Colombia, Mozambique, Ecuador) with free language teaching software licenses. 

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You can discover our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative here and see if you have the requisites to become part of our Language Ambassador project.

And with this, we wish a happy European Day of Languages to all of you who are committed to teach, learn and share languages and culture!

Are you a language teacher dedicated to inspiring others? Check out our Language Ambassadors blog!

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