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Ecuador’s Impactful Language Teachers

Written by Benedetta Giuliani

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Today the Language Ambassadors Program takes a trip to the northwestern part of South America, to the fascinating and thriving Ecuador.

Ecuador’s linguistic diversity is matched only by its diverseness in terms of biodiversity. In fact, Ecuador is a multilingual country where many people, in addition to the official Spanish language, speak indigenous languages. According to some recent research, there are as many as 25 individual indigenous languages.

Therefore, what better country to celebrate language teachers who are committed to strengthening the understanding of different cultures and to open up new possibilities for their students?

Then, after Mexico and Colombia, it is time to move to Ecuador.

Impactful language teachers: who are they?

The language teachers on this list have a number of outstanding qualities, but first and foremost they share passion and commitment toward their students and profession. In addition, they all have in common:

  • A dedication to improve the educational and/or professional opportunities of their students via language teaching
  • The will to support the language teacher community by sharing resources and knowledge
  • The use of innovative teaching styles and techniques
  • The ability to actively use social media channels to support language acquisition
  • The capacity to create free, high quality resources to support language acquisition
Why teacher lists infographic
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Diana Karina Guallichico Alquinga 

Diana is an English teacher from a large public school in Ecuador whose passion for teaching started since she was a high-school student.

Diana’s enthusiasm never wanes. Instead, it serves as the driving force for her devotion to her enhancement personally and professionally.

Apart from employing traditional teaching methods, she made great efforts to look for new ways to teach more interestingly and effectively which leads her to Sanako’ solution. 

Yessenia Yaguachi

Yessenia is a secondary-language teacher in a public school in Quito. Great aspiration for personal and professional achievement motivates her to learn new teaching techniques so as to teach more interestingly and productively.

Moreover, her strong learning ability, coupled with the curiosity towards new teaching solutions, help her in developing value-driven classes.

Raul Pinela

Raul has been an EFL teacher in a public school for four years now.

He attaches great importance to technology in language teaching because it facilitates active engagement of students and more productive learning performance.

As he aims at enhancing students’ level, he always makes great efforts to look for new ways to teach.

Victor Renato Bravo

Mr. Bravo is a teacher at the Unidad Educativa “Eloy Alfaro”, a public institution which leads the socio-educational development in the Ecuadorian South East. Accordingly, its aim is to sustain the scientific and cultural growth of the Ecuadorian society.

Mr. Bravo contributes to this mission by dedicating himself every day with passion to teaching and sharing his knowledge with his pupils.

Mr. Bravo considers the education process as something that involves not only the students, but also the teachers themselves. Interviewed by Sanako, he said that for him, learning something new every day is just as important as teaching something to his students.

Through his teaching, Mr. Bravo seeks to broaden the horizons of his students.

He believes that his work has a positive impact on the lives of young people to the extent that every day he is able to teach them new things.

Wilmer Rolando Espinoza

Mr. Espinoza teaches at a public institution, the Unidad Educativa Abdon Calderon which is dedicated to supporting the social and economic development through youth education.

Mr. Espinoza is an English teacher and have gained an In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT) as well as a certificate Teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL).

He believes in the value of applying technology to teaching. In fact, Mr. Espinoza argues that the use of technology in the classroom is an important stimulus for students, as “it helps keep them motivated”.

Tania Cajamarca

Tania Cajamarca teaches English as a Foreign Language at the Colegio Benigno Malo, a public institution in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The passion for culture, especially music, is what brought her to language teaching. As she told Sanako: “I love listening to music and watching movies. I always wanted to understand the lyrics and know how the movies sounded originally“.

An important part of her working method is the constant updating of the teaching approaches used. Therefore, Tania always tries to find new solutions and strategies to refine her teaching techniques.

Innovation and continuous experimentation are what drive her students to be involved in the lesson:

The students like to learn English, but they also feel comfortable in my class. They do not know what to expect from me because my classes are different from each other.

According to Tania, Ecuador lacks incentives and training opportunities for teachers. This situation, she believes, tends to penalize language teaching in Ecuador.

Juan Francisco Guamantica Aguilar

Mr Juan Francisco Guamantica Aguilar teaches English at a both public and private institutions in Ecuador. Below his main motivation:

“To offer my students the opportunity to learn about the world by having them
speak, write, and read in English, so this can help them at high school,
university and work in the future”.

Mr Juan Francisco always tries to improve himself and regularly takes different training courses about teaching methods and technology. His classes make students enthusiastic about learning English because he tries to always engage them.

He says that internet access is a problem in Ecuador. Moreover, adults often lack the time needed to study a new language.

This list is still a work in progress! If you know someone who deserves a spot on our list of Ecuador’s most impactful language teachers, let us know by contacting

Don’t forget to celebrate these language teachers’ efforts by sharing their stories on social networks!

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