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Our Mission

We believe languages are empowering and can open a world of opportunities for people.

Language Ambassadors Program provides schools, universities and language teachers with solutions designed to improve language teaching methods and efficiency. Our goal is to equip language teachers with tools for efficient language learning so we can together improve language skills for at least 1 million new people.

Our story

Language Ambassadors is a corporate social responsibility project of Sanako – a Finnish Educational Technology company and the market leader in language teaching solutions. The program is created and run by student interns working at Sanako.

Sanako’s solutions are grounded in the top-ranking Finnish pedagogical practice. Built upon research and developed for teachers and tested with teachers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and language teaching expertise.

In Sanako, we are dedicated to language teaching solutions helping to maximise active learning. Our mission traces back to 1961 with establishing our first language laboratory in Finland under the name Tandberg Educational. We now operate in over 110 countries in 50,000 classrooms to help language teachers to bring innovative solutions into their language teaching methods. To successfully expand further, the Language Ambassadors Program aims to improve language literacy and the overall language situation of developing countries.

What we deliver in this program?

To Educators

  • Engaging and efficient teaching
  • Assistance from our committed support team

To Students

  • Improved learning outcomes
  • Fun and motivational language learning experience

To Institutions

  • High education quality 
  • Enriched culture and competitiveness

For Nations

  • Higher language proficiency for future professionals
  • Improved global language literacy

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We are looking for language teachers from these countries: Angola, Mozambique, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

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